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Food & Drinks

For almost 10 years, we have been championing Londons best street food traders in our kitchens. Offering residencies to some of the finest names in Street Food and giving our customers some of the best beer-friendly bites in the business.

Having an external company running the food means that we are getting the best quality food from people who really care about every dish they serve. Constantly innovating their menus, it ensures that the food in all of our pubs matches everything else in the venue and is at a constant high standard.

Many of our operators have progressed from providing the food in our pubs to setting up their own successful restaurant businesses.

Previous and current stars of the kitchen include – Krapow!, Around the Cluck, Burger Bear, Blackstar Kitchen, Burger and Beyond, Wing Men, Yeah Burger, We serve Humans and Coqfighter.

If you would like to put your brand forward for one of our kitchen residencies, please contact [email protected]


Currently at: Heathcote and Star

Thai street food packed with flavour.

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Le Beefed

Currently at: Leyton Star

British Terroir ingredients meets french home cooking.

Black Star Kitchen

Currently at: Star by Hackney Downs

Burgers and bite with a Ghanian twist.


Currently at: Fellowship and Star

Game meat with international flavours.


Currently at: Star of Kings

(Monday - Saturday)
Monster Burgers with their signature bacon jam.

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Currently at: Star of Kings

Incredible roasts served with all the trimmings.

Every Sunday

Heavenly Roasts

Currently in residence at Star of Kings, Safari Kitchen are serving up delicious roasts every Sunday. Don't miss out!