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We’ve launched our new Website!

We’ve launched a brand new website! We’ve give our head office website a little revamp so you can navigate to any of the pubs with our ‘star system’ with ease. We’ve listed some things below you should definitely take a look at.

Private Hire – Our new private hire page gives you a snapshot of the areas our venues can offer.

Instagram – Join in and be part of our new Instagram wall – all you need to do is take a photo when you’re with us and hashtag #electricstarpubs and see yourself featured on our wall (and if you don’t already, make sure you click the link and throw us a follow).

News – Last but not least, we’ve created a whole new news section. This is where you’ll find everything we have going on as a company, as a pub and some local happenings too. 

There are lots of other things on our new website for you to have a look through, we hope you enjoy the new look as much as we do!

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