The humble pub has had to innovate to stay alive, which is why the Electric Star group, an independent company, has managed to thrive and grow. Their pubs offer a safe haven from pretention & trends, concentrating on quality food, drink, people, entertainment and music in venues with character.

Rob Star, the shining light behind the family of venues, is, fair to say, a legendary promoter. He's had a firm hand in seminal rave festivals (Tribal Gathering), through to the superclub era (Home), iconic clubbing destinations (Space, Ibiza) through to creating the massive Mulletover & Eastern Electrics brands. If anybody knows outstanding hospitality, it's Rob.

His business expertise and deep connection with an army of party-goers meant that the next step was easy. You can't rave 24/7! (not even the Happy Mondays). So, opening a haven to relax in, eat, drink, socialise & be merry was an obvious choice.

2008. The Star of Bethnal Green opened. Not without pressures & risks, it's since become the flagship venue for the group, establishing a people first policy where the staff are like family, the customers are friends, with it all running to a backdrop of live music & established DJ's who might pop in to do a set.

Fast-forward a decade, and it's paying off beautifully. They've established a working culture where everybody gets heard, and collaboration is key, from marketing staff doubling as in-house DJs, to bringing in collaborative food partners like Paul Human of We Serve Humans to serve amazing food to amazing customers. Electric prides itself on its team, and rightly so.

Electric Star Pubs aren't slowing down either. There’s always room for one more as long as the venue & location are right. Everything else will slot into place.

If you see a boarded-up venue and have a flash of vision, then let us know (we do prefer a decent sized function room & garden). Email [email protected] If it comes to fruition, there's a tasty £250 finders fee of free food & drinks for you.